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3 Tips for the First Solo Traveler at Hotel 81 Singapore

Hotel 81 Singapore is a destination for foreign tourists while on vacation to the area. Moreover, Singapore is now a tourist destination visited by many tourists from various countries. 

Tips for First Solo Traveler

If you visit Singapore for the first time, you do not have to worry about getting lost. You can see the following three vacation tips.

  • Prepare Flight Tickets and Hotel Lodging 81 Singapore

Those of you who plan to travel to Singapore can search for tickets long before the time of departure. If you are lucky, there is a chance to get promos offered by several airlines. Do not forget to buy a plane ticket to leave at once to go home. After that, book a place to stay that fits your budget, such as at Hotel 81 Singapore.

There are so many lodging places to choose from, but this inn offers affordable prices. It is very suitable for those of you who are doing solo travel.

When checking in, you just need to show your booking code and passport. Meanwhile, the plane check-in stage and immigration at the airport will not take long. However, you should arrive not too close to the flight boarding schedule.

  • Pay Attention to the System Map

For visitors who do not understand the MRT plan, they must look for a system map or mini-sized map. The map contains directions for the route this high-speed train is taking.

The System Map will display a complete stop station based on the existing line. There are five lines, namely the East-West Line (marked in green). North-South Line (marked in red). North-East Line (marked in purple).

Circle Line (marked in yellow), and Downtown Line (marked in blue). Select a line and find the station that is closest to your destination. If you have to change lanes, please also pay attention to the stations that facilitate the change of lines. Generally, the map also provides different path colors.

  • Always Have Medicines Available

Visiting Singapore and choosing to use public transportation, requires you to walk. You will walk from one place to another. Walking the streets of Singapore is fun because the country is so clean and organized. Well, when traveling far, don’t forget to prepare the medicine.

Especially painkillers that will help you in reducing the effects of feeling tired after walking. Most importantly, if you decide to travel to an area alone, you must have the courage to overcome the fear that arises within you.

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In addition, try to easily adapt to the existing conditions. Finally, don’t forget to book your lodging room at Hotel 81 Singapore so that your vacation is more economical and enjoyable. Have a nice trip!

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